Pressure Washer 配件

We are an authorized dealer for Hotsy 和 兰达 stocking factory-direct pressure washer cleaning accessories suitable for all industrial pressure washer br和s.

Whether you’re looking for a hose reel, an adjustable pressure washer lance or a surface cleaner, visit 操作网投十大可靠娱乐平台 Sales with locations in 韦恩堡印第安纳波利斯, 埃文斯维尔 和 路易斯维尔


The 旋转喷嘴 or Turbo Nozzle is designed to use the force generated from your hot or cold-water pressure washer to clean with the impact of a zero-degree flat spray nozzle, but with the pattern of wide coverage fan spray nozzle.


Introducing the new Hotsy R1 和 R2 high-pressure hose. The R1 和 R2 hose is built to exceed the EN1829-2 St和ard 和 will provide superior abrasion reistance that will increase the life of the hose. The R1 和 R2 hose is rated up to 250°F 和 is available in 4000, 5000 和 6000 PSI.


The Hotsy dual lance simply out classes the competition. 35” 和 48” length to meet UL St和ards. Designed specifically for Hotsy to our specifications.


Designed exclusively for Hotsy to meet the dem和s of the high pressure cleaning professional.


Hotsy hose reels were designed for ease of use 和 耐用性 in commercial pressure washer applications. Offering 100′ 和 200′ reels in both a fixed base 和 360 degree rotating base.

Sirocco Water Reclaim System

The Sirocco™ PEV2/30 series vacuums are affordable, effective multi-function vacuum systems on the market. Whether you’re vacuuming fleets of dealership vehicles or reclaiming wash water from the job site. Features Automatic Pump Out. Available in 115V 和 230V Systems.


Medium volume hose-end foam gun for diluting 和 applying foaming chemicals to any surface. Uses st和ard city water pressure to draw chemical concentrate from the attached bottle 和 blend it into the water stream.


High-quality telescoping w和 reaches up to 24′, three sizes to choose from. Lightweight 和 balanced under pressure.


Projects water 和 chemical up to 40′. 化学s bypass pump, lance, hose 和 gun for damage protection. Includes 15′ hose with in-line shut-off valve 和 color-coded proportioners


Delivers high-pressure performance with low Maintenance for any hot or cold pressure washer. Completely stainless-steel design makes this the toughest surface cleaner available in the pressure-cleaning market.


注:4.0 – 10.0, 温度:212°F, Powder-Coated Aluminum Housing, 超大号的, self-lubricating twin thrust bearings, Choice of two or four nozzles, 十大“气动轮胎, 4“连铸机


Recover wash water 和 help the environment while staying compliant. Wash water recovery is required by many cities 和 states. The RC Series can make a complicated wash water recovery simple. With a compact footprint 和 a drain port at the bottom of the tank provides an easy option to clean out sludge recovered.


Add hot water cleaning economically! Portable water heater add-on for existing cold water pressure washers. Quick Connect to cold water washer, supply fuel 和 power to Euro-Heat for hot water cleaning applications – USE ONLY WHEN NEEDED 和 keep the convenience of the portable cold water washer.


A Venturi orifice creates a uniform blast pattern, doubles s和 velocity 和 produces up to 45% more work with 20% less s和.

Max Working Pressure PSI: 5500, GPM Max: 10.0,温度:200oF


Ideal for rinsing the undercarriage of cars 和 trucks. Connect directly to a pressure washer gun or lnace. Lightweight, the underbody w和 seembly roll seasily giving the operator a long reach.

General Pump Surface cleaners

Cleans flat surfaces in a fraction of the time a hose would take. Uniformly cleans pool decks, sidewalks, garage floors, etc.

JE ADAMS Upright Vacuums

J.E. Adams has the most options of industrial vacuums in the industry. Whether you are looking for a revenue generator or to stop replacing shop-vacs we’ve got options for you.

Mosmatic Hurricane Undercarriage washer

Cleans salt, grease dirt 和 debris from vehicle underbody chassis. Horizontal or vertical cleaning positions. Relax action trigger for long periods of use.

粗齿锯 Excavation Nozzle

Designed 和 engineered specifically for the rugged hydro excavation industry, the 粗齿锯 is known for its superior digging power, 耐用性, 和可服务性.

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